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Local Information - About Prague


Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and with its more than 1.3 million inhabitants it is also the largest city in the Czech Republic. It is a historical, economic and cultural centre, and the seat of the Czech government and parliament. Prague is generally known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and tourists from the whole world are coming to see its magic.

Prague has many nicknames:
"The Heart of Europe", "The Royal Prague" and "Hundred-Spired Prague".

Especially the historical Old Town is legendary, thanks to its architectural development in the course of 1100 years.
Would you like to know why Prague is called "hundred-spired"? Then you should climb to one of the vantage points and just look and enjoy the unforgettable view on the forest of spires.
Prague is not represented only by Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world; it is also the Prague astronomical clock, the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vitus, the Charles Bridge, the Jewish quarter Josefov and even modern architectonic buildings such as the Dancing House.
You can diversify your sightseeing with a cruise on the Vltava River or a trip to the Prague Zoo, which is listed among the world's top 10 zoos.
Prague is a fascinating city. No letter, poem or film can fully grasp its atmosphere.
However, there is another option for you: You can visit Prague and experience it personally.
For further information on Prague, please see Prague's official website





The currency in the Czech Republic is Czech Crown (CZK). Its exchange rate with Euro (EUR) is 1 EUR = 27 CZK.

The electricity network in the Czech Republic has a voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz. Plug sockets have two round holes and one round pin. If for example you have a universal charger, all you will need is a simple connector between your system and the Czech system on the other end. If your appliance works on a different voltage or frequency, you will need a more complicated adapter.

The mother tongue in the Czech Republic is Czech. It is a West Slavic language with very complex rules. In general, the Czechs speak English very well, and some even speak German.

Time zone
The Czech Republic follows Central European Time (CET) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The Czech Republic is located in the mild climate zone, so there are four seasons. The conference will take place in wintertime. It is possible that there will be snow in the streets and the temperature may fall below the freezing point.

The bill that you get does not include tip, which is paid extra. Tipping is not mandatory but is very common. You should refuse to give a tip only if you've been truly dissatisfied with the service. The usual tip amounts to about 10% of the bill, but you can give more if you're truly happy with the service.

Local public transportation
The fastest way to travel around Prague is the Metro (ie. underground / subway). You can also use tram, bus or taxi. You can buy all types of tickets in newspaper stands or in ticket machines located at all Metro stations and many bus and tram stops. You can also buy your ticket by sending a text message and receiving a virtual ticket.



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